Industrial Automation

Adaptive and Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Research priorities under this domain focus on innovative manufacturing equipment at component and system level, including mechatronics, control and monitoring systems. The aim is to develop manufacturing systems and processes that adapt in an agile manner to varying market and factory demands thanks to intelligent robots and machines that cooperate both among themselves and with persons in a safe, autonomous and reliable manner. This enables an overall increase of manufacturing efficiency bringing the manufacturing facilities closer to the constantly growing concept of the "smart factory" and philosophy of Industry 4.0.

Areas of research activities:

  • Flexible and reconfigurable machinery and robots
  • Symbiotic safe and productive human-robot interaction, professional service robots and multimodal human-machine-robot collaboration in manufacturing
  • Smart robotics - scaling up for flexible production and manufacturing
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering tools for mechatronics engineering (modelling and virtual validation)
  • Monitoring, perception and awareness on manufacturing